Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For 17 years Professor Khan had the opportunity to share his musical and cultural knowledge to his students at Washington University. He offered a lecture course whereby he described the transference of music and culture in and out of the subcontinent of India. The students were given the rare opportunity to learn the values of India and Indian classical music from the perspective of a heritage musician.

Read below to share the experiences of Ustad-Ji's students and their reflections on his teaching at Washington University, St. Louis Missouri USA.

“Professor Khan taught us that instead of listening to music that seems to fit your current mood, try instead to listen to music that fits the mood you wish to be in.”
—Asa Reed (Spring ’05)

“ . . . as Imrat emphasized, an individual must first attain the heart, eyes, and ears to recognize and understand truly the value of music; with time, practice, and learning, one must learn to love her own voice and the voices of nature. Within this self-realization lies the ability to share oneself through music, which, as an art of self-expression, transcends time and convention and unwraps imagination and individuality.”
--Susanne Katus (Fall ’05)